Patients who have had numerous medical encounters, extensive testing with a great deal of data generated, yet are still searching for unifying direction and relief. If you have had
  • Many doctors visits
  • Numerous tests
  • Procedures that failed to give relief
We can review all your past history and attempt to find the missing threads. Maybe you have been prescribed a number of different medications and have gotten many side effects, but little benefit, and you do not know what steps to take next. If your doctors are not sure what direction to take next, or you just do not know what type of doctor you should even see. Maybe you just have intuitive suspicion that something is just being missed or overlooked. Dr. Santa Maria can review your case file, applying over 30 years of clinical experience to look for the big picture that ties it all together while recognizing the warning signs that may help you avoid any unnecessary and potentially complicating procedure. Sometimes a fresh and unbiased set of eyes can see things that have been overlooked by doctors who are too familiar with your care.