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Come see us for a consult and meet the doctor to see if Santa Maria Medicine is right for you and your family.

  At Santa Maria Medicine, patients come to us because they need our help. Whether it’s managing a busy professional lifestyle by preventing illness or learning how to cope with a chronic illness–we’ve seen the entire spectrum of our patients’ needs and we’re well equipped to meet them. Benefits of Concierge Medicine No Waiting: Although we have a beautiful waiting room which offers complimentary snacks and coffee to our patients, we’d prefer that you never have to actually wait long enough to finish your cup! We understand that your time is valuable, so we schedule appointments appropriately—leaving our staff enough time to care for each patient without double-booking. The limited number of patients we take on in our practice allows us this luxury and the assurance that you will always be seen when you have a problem. 24/7 Access to Your Doctor: We are a single-doctor practice, meaning that you will always see Dr. Santa Maria. Never worry about being pushed on to a partner who is unfamiliar with your medical history.  During the work day, Dr. Santa Maria’s staff will always pick up your call and make sure he answers your questions in-between appointments. After normal working hours and on weekends—your call will go directly to his personal cell phone. Longer Appointments: These days, your doctor may be only able to spend an average of 10-15 minutes with you to hear your complaints, examine you, and suggest solutions. That is not the case at our practice where we schedule extended patient appointments to insure that each patient is given enough time to ask their questions, understand their treatment and leave feeling confident and secure that they’re in good hands. Disease Management: Patients with chronic illness or life-long diseases are often pushed around from one specialist to another. It can be confusing and frustrating—especially during periods of dire illness—to control your medical treatment and communicate with new doctors. At Santa Maria Medicine we will advocate for you as a patient. If you find yourself in the emergency room—we will be a step-ahead, speaking with your ER physicians and helping to explain your medical history. More patients avoid unnecessary, repetitive or ineffective treatment by having one doctor follow them throughout their lives. Family First: We realize that concierge medicine can be a costly expense. That’s why we’re happy to include your immediate family in our plan. Having a child or parent visit from out of town? They’ll be able to come and see Dr. Santa Maria during their stay.  
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