Coronavirus Disease 2019 – JULY 14, 2020 UPDATE

by | Jul 14, 2020 | 2020, COVID-19

The disease that is sweeping the world at this moment is caused by a virus named COVID-19 for “coronavirus disease 2019”

Testing is done by taking a swab from the respiratory tract which includes the pharynx (the back of the throat) done through the nares.

The swab is immediately placed in a solution which kills any virus that may be present and preserves its structural elements so that they can be tested for in the laboratory. The test itself is calibrated to detect a certain amount of RNA, the reproductive blueprints for this type of virus.

Currently in Florida we are finding that about 18% of all COVID swabs are testing positive. The number of positive swabs per 100 varies very widely over the entire USA. We are testing about 53000 persons per day so we should see about 10000 new positive cases per day.

Our Florida case fatality rate is still a very low 1.6% and our hospital capacity is holding up very well to date.

At our office here in Boca Raton we are able to do nasal swabs and obtain results within 24 hours. We are also performing IgG antibody testing.

I will continue to post updates on facts relative to COVID as the story unfolds over the next year.

Stay healthy and remember that virtual visits are available if you would like to discuss anything with me personally.