Coronavirus Disease 2019 – JULY 23, 2020 UPDATE

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Some very interesting updated information has been put out by CDC in recent past days.

I have put some excerpts from the Decision Memo accompanied by my highlighting and explanations.

Concentrations of SARS-CoV-2 RNA measured in upper respiratory specimens decline after onset of symptoms (CDC, unpublished data, 2020; Midgley et al., 2020; Young et al., 2020; Zou et al., 2020; Wölfel et al., 2020; van Kampen et al., 2020).

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The likelihood of recovering replication-competent virus also declines after onset of symptoms.For patients with mild to moderate COVID-19, replication-competent virus has not been recovered after 10 days following symptom onset(CDC, unpublished data, 2020; Wölfel et al., 2020; Arons et al., 2020; Bullard et al., 2020; Lu et al., 2020; personal communication with Young et al., 2020; Korea CDC, 2020). Recovery of replication-competent virus between 10 and 20 days after symptom onset has been documented in some persons with severe COVID-19 that, in some cases, was complicated by immunocompromised state (van Kampen et al., 2020). However, in this series of patients, it was estimated that 88% and 95% of their specimens no longer yielded replication-competent virus after 10 and 15 days, respectively, following symptom onset

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THERE APPEARS TO BE NO POSSIBILITY OF TRANSMISSION OF COVID FROM A MILDLY SYMPTOMATIC PERSON TO OTHER INDIVIDUALS AFTER 10 DAYS. Therefore the CDC recommends that no further COVID testing be done after 10 days from symptom onset or from date of first positive COVID test.

Prolonged quarantines beyond 10 days appear to be useless especially in mildly symptomatic individuals.

If you or someone you live with tests positive for COVID it appears that they become less and less infectious each day that goes by and by the tenth day can no longer transmit at all

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